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The Plant Lab

An initiative to empower our communities to teach each other, learn together, and remember our collective knowledge of plants and our reciprocal relationships. Through this work we aim to better understand, preserve and protect our natural communities.  Our programs are committed to community science, environmental justice, and fostering engagement in and collaboration with historically marginalized and POC communities. 

Border BioBlitz

A bi-national community science effort to record as many species as possible along the U.S.-Mexico border.  Annually, BCDI leads the California portion of the Border Bioblitz. Join the May 2024 BioBlitz and particpate in document the stunning biodiversity of the borderlands. 

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DALL·E 2023-10-12 00.51.18 - a racially diverse group of people studying nature in the jac

Youth Border BioBlitz Project

A community science cohort for  youth and their families in the greater San Diego region to join us in embarking on a collective journey to explore, understand, and document the biodiversity of our coastal and borderland ecosystem communities.  This program culminates with the Border Bioblitz occurring in May 2024

Mobile Plant-Based STEM Workshops for Youth

Mobile STEM workshops with topics based around botany, ecology,  and the environment.


Plant Camp

A youth summer camp based around all things Plants!


Classes, Workshops, and Experiences

We facilitate and collaborate in a wide range of botanical workshops for all ages.  Our goal is to make the botanical sciences accessible to everyone.


Biological Consulting

Providing professional biological consulting services for field botany and restoration projects in southern California and the desert southwest.

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