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The Milpa Initiative

An initiative dedicated to cultivating seed sovereignty. Our vision is rooted in climate resilience, ensuring access to culturally relevant seeds, and building an equitable and just food system. We strive to nurture a future where our communities have control over their seeds, feel empowered to share and continue to practice traditional foodways, and uplift our cultural heritages through seeds and plants.  


A  current goal of the Milpa Initiative is to cultivate regional seed sovereignty for the San Diego bioregion that is essential for ensuring food security, ecological sustainability, and cultural preservation.   

Seed Library

We are building out a seed library at Community Roots Farm in Oceanside, CA.  This will serve as a regional seed bank that will support seed saving and sovereignty for our region.   


San Diego Seed Farmer Training

The Seed Farmer Training in 2024 is designed to empower farmers from BIPOC communities in the San Diego bioregion with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to become successful seed farmers and seed stewards.   The program runs from January 2024 to December 2024.

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