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Greening Spaces

An initiative dedicated to supporting and creating community-relevant green spaces. We recognize the vital role of these spaces in enhancing community health, fostering cultural sharing, addressing environmental justice, and promoting equitable food access. By collaboratively working with local residents, organizations, local government, and other stakeholders, we ensure that each space is tailored to meet the unique needs and aspirations of the community. These vibrant and inclusive green spaces become hubs for physical activity, recreation, and meaningful connections with nature, nurturing the well-being and resilience of all community members.  


Community Plant Share

We provide free plant seedlings for school gardens, food justice projects, and community greening efforts throughout San Diego County. Our paid plant subscriptions sustain this free seedling program, promoting sustainable food gardens and fostering community resilience.

Plot Garden Project

A regnerative urban food garden at the Plot Restaurant in Oceanside, California. 


Friendly Church Community Garden

A community garden on the property of the Friendly Church of God in Christ located in Oceanside, California. 

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