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From our Founder and Executive Director, Bianca Bonilla

Our Story

This organization was a vision I had in my mid-20s when I was immersed in doing environmental education in non-formal settings while learning about farming and botany in college.  Meanwhile I was also involved with farming and doing work as a field botanist - I was gaining so much knowledge through these interactions with the plants, the land, as well as through a variety of human mentors who were taking the time to teach me. I began to see the disconnect so many folks had with botanical knowledge and how a lot of it, seemingly, felt locked up in the Ivory Tower.  I wondered how we could unlock and remember our collective knowledge and increase the collective intimacy with plants that many of us interact with daily.  How can we remember and reclaim how to live in solidarity with the earth, our human, and more-than-human kin.  How do we better acknowledge our community experts? How can this knowledge put us on the path to healing by remembering what it means to be in a direct and balanced relationship with plants, and all other organisms that co-habitate with us on this land.  I feel strongly that this work is in service to dismantling white supremacy, settler colonial logics, transphobia, ableism, homophobia, and human supremacy where it lives in us and within our communities.  By knowing deeply the plants around us, the land, the other organisms we co-habitate with, we know deeply ourselves and each other. And through this understanding will come love and care and healing - for one's self, our community, and every living and non-living entity with which we are a part of the whole with. 


Our mission is to nurture our relationships with plants so that we may cultivate a more peaceful, equitable, and regenerative planet.

Our Team

Staff and Board of Directors

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