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BCDI Initiatives

Greening Spaces Initiatives

Community relevant green spaces.

The Greening Spaces program seeks to create community-relevant green spaces.  We have developed and manage urban farms, community gardens, and school gardens. We operate a social enterprise that offers botanical design and landscape.  Future green spaces we may facilitate in developing in communities may also include natural play spaces, native plant gardens, and botanical gardens. 


Community Roots Farm 

1-acre neighborhood farm growing vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers sustainably and ethically, emphasizing healthy communities and ecosystems.  It is a community-run farm located in eastern Oceanside on the property of Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church.  Produce from the farm goes to local state-funded preschools, to our hyper-local community, and to local restaurants.  The farm also serves as a learning-site for those interested in learning how to grow food sustainably, productively, and profitably in a small farm setting.  We welcome farmers of all ages, skills, abilities and backgrounds.

Ecología Botanical Spaces 

A botanical design and landscape social enterprise.  Providing training and jobs in the horticulture, agriculture, and landscape industries to create opportunities for local youth and to demonstrate diversity in those sectors. 


Botany for everyone

Through classes, workshops, internships, and experiences, we are making botany accessible to everyone.  BCDI is actively involved in conducting and supporting scientifically rigorous field botany studies and providing opportunities for youth and other interested individuals to gain knowledge, skills, and experience in this field. 

A peek into our programs:

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