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Corporate Volunteering

Thank you for your interest in corporate volunteering. Many businesses are now seeing the short- and long-term benefits of bringing employees outside the walls of the office, and into the volunteer space.  

Whether this is your first company volunteer event, or you’re seasoned pros, BCDI provides a fun, easy and engaging experience.  We are working to improve our communities through our relationship with plants.  Community Roots Farm is a community-run farm and grows food for local state-funded preschools as well as our local community. We would love to work with you!

We have experience with groups from 1 to 100 people at our neighborhood farm and projects vary depending on time of year and current needs.  Projects and tasks may include thing like weeding, mulching, planting seeds, prepping beds, building projects and sorting seeds.  We are a working farm and so there are many different kinds of things to do. There are ways for everyone to get involved and invite people of all ages, skills, abilities, and backgrounds to join us. 


  We can tailor the event to your company's needs and goals including:

  • Catered lunch on-site

  • Use the outdoor or indoor space for meetings or team-building exercises. 

  • Choose projects that align with your company's mission or vision. 

  • Choose projects that align with your team's specific skills. 

  • Work on a project that your company financially supports. 

Some of the companies who have volunteered with us:

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