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About us


Inspiring each other to live more meaningful, sustainable lives through our understanding and interactions with plants.


Improving lives by connecting plants, people, and community. 

Plants are the basis of life as we know it. They supply our air, our food, our weather, medicine, clothing, and countless other tangible services that makes our lives possible. Our relationship with plants includes other aspects that can be more intangible - a walk through a natural or wilderness area brings a sense of peace, connection, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Being able to recognize the species of plants that make up natural areas, or the domesticated plants one encounters on a farm or garden, brings an increased understanding of the components of nature - something fundamental to every society on the planet. At a global level, as we have become increasingly urbanized and technologically oriented, our relationship to plants has become more abstract and distant.  At Botanical Community Development Initiatives (BCDI) we seek to help people of all backgrounds nurture their relationship to plants in a variety of ways, thereby strengthening them as individuals, which in turn strengthens communities.  Through years of experience we have seen the transformative power that these connections can make, as well as the fundamental role that plants play in all communities. 

Core Values

  • Community: We value inclusiveness, transparency, diversity, empowerment, self-determination, providing safe spaces for people to interact and open communication.

  • Scientific Integrity: We value transparency, dedication to the collection of quality data that is rigorously reviewed, and a dedication to the scientific method as a means of growth and increased understanding.

  • Conservation and Sustainability: We strive to leave the areas we work in better off than when  we arrived, and to support the integrity, understanding and protection of natural resources and natural communities.

  • Creativity and Curiosity: Being inspired, providing safe places, and creating catalysts to stretch our imaginations and come up with new ideas to enrich our own and other’s lives. We are always wondering, always exploring, and always asking.


For General Information and Inquiries

For all inquiries regarding Volunteering

Bianca Bonilla - Director

Address to office location and Community Roots Farm:

4510 N. River Rd.

Oceanside, CA 92028

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